10'03", Single channel video, 2019

Considering urban development in Gangnam, this video explores how middle-class identity based on residence in apartment complexes was created in South Korea beginning in the late 1970s. The state policy, speculation, and exclusion were key factors in the making of the middle class in Gangnam. Many white-collar families became apartment owners through a government-subsidised apartment lottery programme, and subsequently climbed the economic ladder more rapidly than others because of skyrocketing housing prices. Their rise to middle-class status, facilitated by chance and furthered by their willingness to engage in real estate speculation, was seen by many as illegitimate. Gangnam become the hot place full of cultures, modernised and Westernised lifestyles to justify their economic success. This video shows the desire of people who pioneer the land where used to be no-land; and the double side of city-the gap between rich and poor as well as the gap between nature and artificial; finally, the future city where is no longer exist in the physical world.

신도시를 위한 랩소디 from Bokyung Jun on Vimeo.

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